Babies and Cats: The Partners in Crime

Having a baby or a cat is more or less the same thing. Additionally, if you have both of them at your home then, the tantrums are more. Right from being secret crime partners to best friends in the country, both of them are inseparable. Sometimes, they have fights but then, in no time you can see them cuddling each other. My daughter Clara and Candy(my meow) are inseparable companions when it comes to naughtiness. It’s sometimes difficult to control both of them but, it’s fun to watch their naughtiness as well. Once, I bought cat shirts for both of them and clicked pictures of the same which is hung right at the center of the living room.

This blog is all about such partners in crime who are just the twins of the same mother. It incorporates the cute expressions of the cats and babies.

1. The sole eater

kid with black cat

“Buddy, talk to me, I promise that I won’t eat alone from next time on wards.”

2. The surprised ones

kid with cat

I guess it’s better to stay little. Look at how daddy is screaming over the phone.

3. The best friends


So, you are going pick the baby up uhh? Stay away you Hooman!!

4. The Pop Singers

kid with cat and headphone

Just imagine them singing –

No one wants to be defeated

Showin’ how funky and strong is your fight

It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right

Just beat it, beat it

Just beat it, beat it

Just beat it, beat it

Just beat it, beat it

5. The Posers


Check out my tiger. Yo!

6. The Detectives


Dude it’s a trap! I guess you were right!

7. The players


Man, how are we supposed to play now! Look at the snow, it has covered our garden.

8. The fun loving hoooman!


They said, “Adopt a human, it would be fun.”

9. The Photo-bombers


Because we love only selfies! No Candids!

10. The partners in crime


Don’t worry love, I’ll replace the biscuits before mom sees the jar!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading the above blog. If you also have such funny pictures or meme’s, please share it in the comments section below.


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