Pics that Show Cats can Sleep anywhere

As a kid, I remember myself creating tantrums to get a feline for myself. My father does not appreciate animals at home because he was scared that they could harm the kids. So, to pacify me, he bought a cat coloring book. It was an attractive one though but, I refused it. Then, finally, on my birthday, I got my first pet. We named her Crushers as she was a little fluffy. However, the munchkin was a great sleeper. The doc advised us that they need 12 to 16 hours of sleep per day. Hence, they are an expert when it comes to sleeping. They can rest anywhere regardless of the space or place. Their flexible body fits into anything like a liquid which would surprise me. Crushers lived with us for 12 long years. Later, she passed away leaving sweet memories back. This blog is specially dedicated to her. It includes the pictures of all such cats who can sleep anywhere in any position.

1. The Footwear Lovers


The munchkin found a better place to sleep where the bed could hold and secure him properly with bands.

2. The Bowl Lovers


Enough of your cornflakes now, please let me sleep in peace.

3. I’m sorry you can’t use the washbasin now


May be you should open the tap so that he can have a warm and luxurious bath.

4. Why did I adopt this IT hooooman!!


My owner is always busy with his apps and codings. So, I have decided to irritate him by not letting him work.

5. The luxury lovers


“This place is so fluffy and soft. I could rest here the whole day.”

6. Because I love warm places


It doesn’t matter if it’s a computer, printer or even a ipad. The place should be warm, that’s my only condition.

7. The helmet lovers


Please drop your plans for cycling today because I love your helmet.

8. The relationship between me and cartons


No one can understand me better as my carton boxes.

9. The foodies


He had so much of the cat food that he well asleep over it.

10. Because I love heights


No matter, whatever is the height, I can’t leave my sleep behind.

Above are some of the scenarios of how felines can rest anywhere. Hope you enjoyed reading them. If you have similar pictures of your cats then, please do share it on the comments section below.


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