Accessories that Scream ‘Look at me’ more than the attire

Getting ready for an event is difficult at time. There are times when even the best attire in your wardrobe fails to give you the much-needed style and look. This is when the role of the accessories comes into play. Have you ever experienced this dilemma? For all the fashionistas out there, the blog has complied some of the fun-filled accessories that screams ‘Look at me’ even more than the attire they are wearing. Gear yourself up with them and turn every head around.

1. Handbags

cat bag

What grabs your attention the most at a store? A handbag for sure. Every woman will relate to this fetish for the purses and clutches. Moreover, this one thing that just can’t skip the attention of anyone around. The large bags were in the vogue for a very long time, but now the sleek and the subtle ones are taking over all the limelight. The statement making pieces such as the cat themed bags, the cat tote bags or the unique clutches of luxury fashion brands are few things that can take the attention off your attire.

2. Wristwatch


The bracelets are undoubtedly a fashion piece that can stylize your appearance, but the wristwatch and add a flair of sophistication to your appearance. An elegant watch will instantly bring the attention of the onlookers on your wrist. Thus, instead of investing in bracelets and cocktail rings all the time, invest in some sleek styles of watches. There are different styles available for different pieces available for different occasion. This will elegance to your look and will make you stand out effortlessly. Leather watches are laid back, but the ones made up of stainless steel can define the style of the ladies.

3. Dangling


Earrings The earrings decorates the face of a women. When it comes to the facial makeup, the earring complete the entire ensemble. The sleek styles and the playful pattern such as the cat earrings are never going out of fashion. However, the dangling earrings are a statement jewelry are a kind that you can wear everyday and with any of the outfit. Moreover, it effortlessly drives the attention from the clothing to your face. The sassy pieces can even project an attractive attitude. Just makes the right eye-contact while talking and you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression, regardless of what you are wearing.

4. Footwear


Footwear is said to be the deciding factor of the overall personality of an individual. Moreover, most of the fashion connoisseurs tend to notice the legs first in order to judge the appearance. Hence, the footwear comes in the category of one of the ensembles that can be considered more important than the clothing style. A pair of heels and pumps or even the professional ballet flats can steal the show. You need not go for the things that are very bedazzling and eye-popping. Just go for the pieces that are classic and make sure that it suits your personality.

5. Scarves


The scarf is one of the fashion pieces that has become a staple for the wardrobe of every individual. Even the simplest attire that look stylish and different when paired with a scarf. This is one chic accessory that deviates the attention of the onlookers from the attire to the way you have pulled the look off. Earlier it was an essential for the Fall, however, these days it is a must-have even during summer. In fact, this is one ensemble that can be paired with everything and anything.

Have you got your wardrobe updated? What else do you think can scream for attention more than the attire? Share with us in the comment below.


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