Why is cat treats essential for your Feline?

As a cat parent, you lavish your kitty with lots of love, affection…and treats. Where love and affection are more of the emotional bonding between you two, the cat treats are a source of personality buildup that goes a long way for her. This means, that if you are someone who gives treats as reinforcement to your feline friends, you do a great job.

cat with treats

Did you know that treats are essential for your cats just as other things like cat apparel, toys, food and more?

Commoners find it not-so-essential for cats to have treats and rely totally on the cat food that they provide. However, there’s a lot more than just filling her stomach when she calls for supper. What are they?

1. Are a source of reinforcement


Every living being needs reinforcement to move on, and learn newer things. For cats, treats are that reinforcement factor which will make them learn how to sit patiently (which is rare), avoid them from killing mice, making them focus on something that you want her to focus.

2. Adds variety to her eateries


Your cat gets to eat tuna, chicken breast, salmon and so much more but at last the variety comes to an end. That’s exactly when you pick out a treat from the bag and your cat will be like – good job Hooman, thank God I adopted you. So, it’ll be a source of changed variety that your cat needs.

3. It helps fight stress


The moment I take my cat to the veterinarian, she would make all kinds of noises and gets so stressed that it’s very difficult to handle her. That’s where I use treats to make her relieve her stress and be back to normal. You too should try this and make your kitty feel better.

4. Helps clean teeth


Well, this is one that I recently got to know but definitely worth understanding because it being hard, helps the teeth of your feline clean up. Moreover, it prevents tartar and plaque to accumulate in her teeth and gives a bright smile everyone wants to see. Well, the bright smile comes from a lot of other things as well. Whether it is cat apparel to make her look like a diva or accessories that make her love you more.

Do give treats to your cat but make sure that you don’t mess with the regular food that she needs to stay healthy.


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