How to tell if your kitty is happy?

Some of you might find cats, weird creatures, while others find them fussy but adorable. They’re definitely quirky and we love them because of this trait. Sometimes it is quite easy for you to tell when your kitty is happy but there are those times when it is difficult to understand whether they’re thinking something or have any problem.


Your cat has his/her own way of telling you whether he/she is happy. These are the cat signs which will tell you whether she’s/he’s happy or not.

1. A happy welcome


When you come home after the day-long work and find your cat with an upright tail, you need no more signs to find out that he/she is happy to see you. Her ears would be upright and she’ll rub herself against your legs or body.

2. Rubbing and meowing

cat with girl

Isn’t it lovely when after welcoming you home, you cat sticks close to you and rubs against your legs? Cats have scent glands located on their heads, lips, chins, and tails (amongst other places) and they use these glands to mark surfaces, people, and animals that they’ve deemed to be safe.

3. Playing with the toys

cat playing with light

You might find your cat dull on some days but then there’ll be those days when she’ll happily play around with her cat toys that you gave them. While playing she might just come to you with her toys and this would bring a smile on your face. This is definitely a sign when you would know that your feline friend is happy.

4. Slow blinking eyes


You must have watched “Puss in Boots” where Puss in Boots is arrested for robbing a bank. In order to save the world, he was supposed to get out of the jail and go straight to the Humpty Dumpty. However, the jail authority won’t open the bars and in order to get out, he started to meow. Though Puss made a puppy face and brightened his eyes. However, the character wasn’t very there, but if your kitty blinks her eye slowly, she is indeed happy.

Are there other signs which tell you if your cat is happy? Do share them with us.


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