7 Fun-filled Summer activities for kitties

The heat of Summer has already arrived. While for humans this season brings in a lot of reasons to come out of their monotony, for kitties is add some excuse to stay in the comfort zone. The water adventures, pool parties and beach outings the reasons for us to celebrate the season is ample. However, it really becomes difficult to take the felines out of their cozy cat beds.


Is the lethargy of your kitty taking a toll on your patience? Even though long sleeping hours are a must for the felines, do not leave lying in the bed beyond a certain limit. Here are some fun-filled activities that you can try with your feline during the break that might take her out of their comfort zone. Have a look.

Shave and haircut


The heat of Summer effects the health of the feline. The fur adds to the trouble. So, get their fur trimmed and give the feline a haircut. This is the first thing that you need to do this season. Unlike humans, the fur of the cats are coiffed to look beautiful. However, haircut is important for health reasons. Surprisingly, even the felines enjoy haircut during this season. You can do it in the home or you can pamper the kitty by taking her to a salon. However, make sure that you consult a veterinary at first as expert advise against shaving in some cases.

Bathtub with ping pong

cat in bathtub

The felines hate being in the water. However, making them have bath is important for the health and hygiene of the fur-ball. There are ways to intrigue the furry friend to enter the bath tub. A ping pong ball bouncing in the bathtub will bring the kitty running to the washroom. You can then take advantage of the situation and make her indulge into grooming. Even though the feline won’t like it, but you can keep her engaged with the ball and other cat toys. Moreover, there is a possibility that the kitty might start enjoying being in the water after facing the heat of Summer.

Hide and seek

cat in bag

Spending some time with the fur-ball is the best way to get her out of the boredom. No matter how many toys you get for the kitty, she won’t get up unless there is someone to make her play. So, take out sometime from your busy schedule and play with your furry friend. Hide and seek is undoubtedly the favorite game of all the felines around. Hide behind the curtain and make her find you. Run around in the house and make her chase you. This will fun for both of you.

Catch the prey

cat playing with light

Playtime for the kitties is all about preys. Hence, this is the easiest way to motivate them to indulge in some physical exercise. Even if you don’t have time, you can get the toys such as feather hanging from the string or robotic fish tanks. The preys will keep the feline busy even when you are not around.

Have a photoshoot


Photo session is the favorite pass time for kitties. You can take advantage of the Summer break and get some pictures with your feline. You get some cat costumes and make the kitty pose in front of camera. However, make sure that feline is comfortable in the clothes. Remove them if you think that it is restricting the motion or is annoying her.

Trick or treat


Treating the kitty is the best way to train her. Make her do some physical exercise and treat her with tasty cat food for good behavior and for being obedient. You can even use the food as an exercising tool. There are cat feeders that shoot the treat and the felines have to jump to catch them. Use these feeders in between the meals of the day. The snacks will keep the kitty full and will intrigue her to some body movement.

Fascinating bubbles


The bubbles floating in the air is just fascinating for the kids, but for the kitties as well. You cat will be mesmerized by the bubbles and will jump around to pop them. There are scented bubbles with catnip available in the market. This will be even more attractive for the feline. Were these points helpful? Share your views in the comments below.


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