7 Ways Cats Say I Love You

If you are a pet lover, then you would have noticed that unlike dogs, cats don’t greet their owners with wagging tails or sloppy kisses. Well, that doesn’t mean that they have no affection for you. Instead, they reveal their love in a subtle way. Some of their behavior and body languages are the little ways of expressing their love for you. Scan on the below blog to know more about their signs.

1. Head and shoulders knees and toe

Men with Cat

Have you ever heard the rhyme “Head and shoulders knees and toe”? This rhyme purr-fectly fits them. The reason is cats rub their heads or cheeks against you. When they do, they claim you as a part of her family. This can sound different but, cats have scent glands on certain parts of their bodies, including their cheeks and heads. So, when she is rubbing her head against you, she’s marking you with her scent and claiming you as part of her family group. This scent is a source of both comfort and familiarity for your kitty.

2. Brings you presents

Cat and Mouse

Cats love hunting as it’s one of their traits. Have you noticed your cat bringing dead birds and mouses to you? It’s one of the ways they express their love by gifting something for you. However, you need to take care of this behavior. To stop the mouses and birds to become your feline’s prey, gift her cat toys instead. Divert her attention, call her to play with you or the toys instead.

3. Blinky-Blinky

Cat gif

Slow blinks are one of their ways to express their love. When your kitty looks at you and slowly closes his eyes, he is showing that he is comfortable around you. In fact, this is also called as kitty kisses.

4. The belly dance


If you cat is exposing their bellies to you, it means that they are comfortable around you. They may also roll over around while exposing their bellies. This is a sure shot sign of trust.

5. Kneading

White Cat

When kitties knead your lap or a surface near you, it means they are relaxed and content. As kittens, the behavior is used to stimulate a mother’s milk flow, but continuing the action into adulthood can express comfort.

6. Your favorite follower


If your feline cannot stay away from you even for a minute and follows you wherever you go, it means they have loads of love for you.

7. The straight tail


If your cat keeps her tail straight after seeing you, it means that she is greeting you. The above are some of the ways that you felines let you know that you are special for them.


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