Cats : The Best Photo Bombers

Cats can do almost anything to get the attention they want. That’s especially when we are trying to click the best picture for social medias. Photobombing is like an art which they have built in themselves.  It’s like they are getting in on the gag. My feline(Lilly) has ruined many of my favorite pictures, where I look good, but her expressions have made me delete them(LOL!). One such incident was a new cat shirt that I bought to flaunt the love for felines. I had to Instagram the next minute with Lilly of course. However, she refused to pose her best but she did her best to make it as hilarious as possible. Like Lilly there many other silly cats who gain an expert crown in this art. The below blog is a collection of such photos. Scan on to find out their naughtiness.

1. The Copy Cat

Copy Cat

This naughty one seems to be a better poser than the lady. Just look at how good he is at enacting at someone! Maybe, we should recommend him in Hollywood movies.

2. The Jealous one

Jealous Cat

He got jealous that his friend is given more attention for selfies than him, so he decided to spoil the cutie’s photograph.

3. The opponent team

funny cat

This young one is not happy with his owner getting married to her fiancee. So, he thought to photo bomb the wedding shoot.

4. The Happy one

Happy Cat with Owners

He got so happy that he posed an “aww moment” for his adorable owners.

5. The wicked smileys

Cat's wicked smileys

He saw his beautiful owner, clicking a selfie without him. He smiles wickedly thinking that he can still be in the picture without her knowledge, and the result is as you can see.

6. The uninvited guests

cute cats

Mom decided to picture him first but looks like the other one wanted to be the first on the list. When he was refused, he decided to  interfere in between.

7. The food lover

Food Lover Cat

We have a habit of posting pictures of our favorite food or the one we cooked on Instagram. However, he couldn’t wait for some time as he wanted to lick the tasty feed, then and there.

8. The conjuring fans

Scary Cat

Some of them don’t like posing, neither they’ll allow the others to do so. So, this one decided to scare the cutie by showing himself behind the glasses.

9. The crazy duo


We also have some cases, where the owner also loves photobombing as this one. Maybe, she wanted a before/after picture of her facial products. So, her feline decided to join in.

10. The attention seekers

Attention seekers Cat

He saw that the bride is the star of the day, everyone is paying more attention to her than him. So, when he was waiting for the right time to grab the attention, the photographer came in for clicking some candid pic. As you can see, the kitty did his best to be the center of attraction.

As you can see, above were some of the felines who are an expert in this art. If you also have a photo of your munchkin spoiling your photos the same, don’t forget to post the images in the comments section below.


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