6 signs you’re a crazy cat person

You can keep a dog, but it is the cat who keeps people. A kitty doesn’t want all the world to love her. Only those she has chosen is the entire world for her. The pleasure of being a fur-parent and the joy of being a witness of their notorious activities is something that cannot be expressed in words. It won’t be wrong to state that felines are like addiction that is tough to get rid of. Are you a crazy cat person? Well, here are some of the symptoms that would make sure that you are one. Take the test.

1. Do you fell in love with every cat you see?

cat love

If you believe in love at first sight with kitties and you just can’t resist falling for every feline that you see around, then, you’re detected with the first symptom. Kitties are like craving, you just can’t be satisfied by just one. The more you have, the more you want.

2. Is it hard for you to part from your kitty and leave home? You would rather stay at home all weekend

girl with cat

When the feline obsession goes to the point that you find it hard to leave, then, probably you’re a crazy cat person. There are people who prefer staying at home if they have felines at their place. If you’re the kind of person who do not want anything else other than your kitty, then, for sure you’re crazy for your furry friend.

3. Is your social media account filled with the pictures of your kitty?


This is one of the prominent signs of cat person. There Facebook timeline and Instagram account has nothing other than the picture of their kitties and articles related to the felines and domestic pets. One look at their profile and you’ll find out their obsession for cats. If you have the dream of making your cat the next internet sensation, then, you surely have the clue.

4. You can stop the work, but not the kitty!

Cat on keyboard

This is the aftereffect of your obsession and addiction. Felines are like kids and you just can’t work in their presence. Any other person would go to different place and complete their work, but cat person always prioritize their lovely felines over every other thing. So, if you are the kind of person who can postpone the most important work, but can’t get the kitty off your lap, then, you’re surely head over heels for the furry family member.

5. Is your closet full of cat themed items?

Cat T-shirt

The love for the kitties is not just reflected in your behavior, but in your style quotient as well. One thing that you’ll find common in the wardrobe of every feline person is the cat themed apparel and accessories. If you wear your cat lover t-shirt, regardless of the occasion and don’t even care about your look, then, this is one of the symbols for you being crazy for the fur-ball.

6. You can adjust with anything, but want the best for your feline!

Cat waking up

You have noodles at times when you don’t feel like cooking. You prefer sleeping on the floor rather than disturbing the kitties who has occupied your bed. If this is a case with you, then, you for sure you’re crazy for your feline.

Are you a crazy cat person and proud of it? Do share the things you love doing with your kitties in the comment below.


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