5 Tricks to avoid being Monotonous

“I feel monotony and death to be almost the same”. ~ Charlotte Bronte

This quote kind of applies to all aspect of life. Changes are an important aspect of the overall recreation of an individual. The change may be in any regards, right from your lifestyle to the looks. Sometimes taking a break from your everyday routine becomes difficult. In such a case, experimenting the looks is the ideal way of driving away the monotony of your life.

Are you bored of your everyday look? Are you looking to ditch the monotony without going over-the-board? Well, here are some easy tricks that can give the much needed edge to your look. Check them out.

1. Change your hairstyle


Going from long hair to pixie is not just a change in length, but a change in attitude. In fact, you need not go for pixie cut. A slight change in the regular hairstyle can create a huge difference in your overall look. Get your traces colored or you can even try some jazzy hair extensions. A bit of change in your hairs can brings drastic changes in your overall appearance. Think about the style, cut or color that may suit your personality and witness the difference.

2. Loose or gain weight

Change in weight is always noticeable and creates big difference in the look. Losing a bit of fat can remove extra roundness of the cheeks. The jawline gets sharper, thus, bringing about a lot of variation in the appearance. However, if you are too skinny to reduce any more fat, then, try and put on some weight. This brings in a lot of glow and bloated look in your face which will appreciated by all.

3. Facial makeup


Enhance your natural look and you’ll effortlessly stand out in public. Changing the makeup doesn’t mean you need to make it loud. Just a bit of smart work can help you don an eye-catchy appearance. Wearing dramatic eye-makeup is the best way to project an alluring personality. Smoky eyes paired with climatic lip color can be overpowering. For a classic or preppy look, either go for dark and jazzy shades such as red, pink or keep it subtle with nude lips. Mascara along with a contrasting pencil liner around the inner corners of the eye will add to the style. Along with this, you can even try a three-color eye shadow.

4. Shake up the closet

Cat neck shirt

You need not change the entire wardrobe in order to look different. Just delve into your collection and find out the things that you have not been wearing for long. However, if your pocket allows, you can even get some new pair of outfits. Ditch the usual styles and colors that you’ve been using for years. Try some bright shades that may catch the attention of others. You can even go for some funky prints and patterns. For casual spree, you can try the fun-filled cat apparel. This will effortlessly spruce up your appearance. Pair some contrasting colors and various styles of clothing with each other. Proper mixing and matching is the best way to spice up the looks without spending much.

5. Accessorize differently   

cat accessories

Just accessorizing the clothing in an appropriate way can help you dress to the nines. Monotony finds it’s place when you stop exploring and stick to a particular style. Team up your clothes with high heels and splashy footwear. Use the playful cat accessories like cat watches, necklaces and things of this sort. Instead of sticking to the earlobes and studs, try the long dangle earrings. Few smart decisions can brings about a lot of difference.

So, what are waiting for? Start changing yourself and your looks if you wanna change the life around you.


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