3 ways to gear up for the Weekend

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing completely pointless. The last two days of the week is like a reward for the five days of hard work. So, whether you planning a impromptu getaway or you wanna spend the entire day at home with your cats, this is the prefect time to get rid of the stress. Not only this, a relaxing weekend can even help you gear up for the week ahead of you.


Listed below are some of the ways to get ready for the various weekend plans. Check them out.



This is a fact that planned outings are tough to execute. So, instead of spending months in making an action plan, invite your friends and go for an impromptu trip. Packing for a spontaneous getaway is tricky. Here how you can pack for a fun-filled getaway without any prior arrangements.

  • Keep the luggage light and pack smartly. You’ll be out for a couple of days, so, don’t stuff in too many clothes. A jeans or shorts can be coupled with any tees or tops. Pack some lightweight tops and undergarments.
  • Just a spare of sneakers will do. You can even keep an extra pair of footwear.
  • Other than this, make sure that you keep the basic stuff like phone charger, toiletries and other small things that you’ll usually carry to any trip.

2.Trekking and hiking


Since you’ll have to go and return in a couple of days, you just can’t plan a very adventurous trip. Still, you can go for trekking or hiking to a nearby hill station. Listed below are the packing essentials for the trip.

  • Your hiking gear should comprise of hiking boots, sleeping bags, waterproof jackets, and torch and first aid kit.
  • The medical kit should have blister kit, sunscreen, insect repellents, iodine tablets, and antibiotic cream. Keep the medicines for dizziness, mild fever and necessary precautions if your are asthmatic.
  • Keep a rich supply of snacks and health drink with you.
  • Along with this navigation tools and maps are a must.

3.At home


Well, you don’t need much arrangements if you are just spending a laid back weekend at home. However, you can even make your day fun-filled without actually going out. Plan a candle light dinner in evening with your partner. Prepare your favorite cuisine and spend some romantic time together. Spend the day watching movie with a bucket of popcorn and chilled cold drink. You can even make the laid back day amusing by wearing something funky and cozy. The comfortable cat apparel like cat tops and t-shirts with cute print of kitties is an ideal option to add spice to your weekend plans. Nothing can be as stress-reliving as spending quality time with your loved ones. Sometimes, talking thousands of nothing that actually means millions of everything can act as an instant mood booster.

What are your plans for this weekend? Do share with us in the comments below.


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