How to get your kitty in the spirit of Christmas?

You must have started hearing the Christmas carol already. The time has come when all you want to do is to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. With the preparation being in full swing, all your family members will already be sitting at the edge to welcome the auspicious occasions. However, you need to get your furry family member in the spirit of the event as well. The lazy felines hate doing any sort of work, but you can always encourage them to be a part of the preparation. Listed below are some of the ways to trigger the excitement of your kitties. Check them out.

  1. Felines are always intrigued by bright things. The decorative of Christmas tree and party venue will give them a feeling that something different is going on. Get some fun items for your kitty like glitter balls and things of this sort.


2. Cat themed apparel can allure the kitty to a large extend. Make your entire family wear this dress code. Get dressed in cat themed t-shirts and this will excite the lazy feline like never before. The prints and pattern of cat t-shirts will get your kitty in a playful mood.

3. This is the time for gifts and goodies. When everyone is expecting gifts from Santa, why should the feline be left behind. You can buy gifts for your feline like toys or cat costume. Dress your feline in these costumes and she will readily agree to make the event memorable by clicking photos with you.

4. Decorate the Christmas tree in front of her. The love of kitties for this part of the event is well-known. However, make sure that you have an eye on her. Felines are the biggest destroyers of X-mas trees.

The love of felines for their afternoon nap cannot be altered, but you can always motivate her to be a part of the celebration by doing things that she likes. So, follow the steps mentioned above and get your entire family in the spirit of Christmas.


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