Cat Behavioral Issues and How to handle them

Every cat is unique and there’s no doubt about it. However, they have certain ways to put forward their upsetness, anger as well as other issues. This blog would talk about the various behavioral issues of your cat and how you can minimize it.

1.Hissing: One of the most common ways of expressing their fear and marking their territory is by hissing at people or other animals. Not only this, they would sometimes hiss at you when you pat them for a longer duration. Has it ever happened to you? Well, this is the time when you need to give your cat some space and tell others around that they need to keep a distance from her. Hissing is nothing to e scared about but in exceptional cases, the feline might give you scratches.

Cat Hissing

2.Scratching anything and everything: The next big problem with cats is that they’ll scratch anything and everything that they feel like. If let unnoticed, this behavioral trait might increase eventually and your house would come down because of that. You need from sofas, beds to curtains and carpets, everything can be the next target for your cat. This behavior modification needs to start from her childhood. You train her by scolding her sometimes (not rigorous scolding) to not to do that again. In fact, if you want this to curb, you can give her an alternative i.e., a scratch post that can help her play the game and also save your furniture.

Cat Scratching

3.Littering everywhere except the litter box: Just like you as kids had to be potty-trained, your pets also need to be taught the same. Every time your cat sniffs and looks for a place to poop, you can show her the way to the litter box and ask her to do whatever she wants, there. You might face problems initially, but your feline friend is smart enough to learn quickly. Once or twice if they’ll urinate in the litter box, they’ll smell themselves there and would not excrete anywhere else.

Cat Littering

4.Nibbling wires: One of the favorite hobbies of cats is to sit behind tables and cupboards to nibble the wires. In order to explore the new things, felines would chew on the wires sitting in the corners. Here, you have to stop your cat from going in the corner and getting mild shocks because of the cut-outs. If they don’t seem to listen, pick up the wires and pack it up at a certain height where your furry friend cannot reach.

Cat Nibbling wires

Behaviors can be changed and it is not important that scolding is the only way. Reinforcing the cats is also a great option. You can give them tasty cat food when they do something and even bring them cat costumes for being at good behavior.


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