How to Break the Myth of Black Cat, this Halloween?

The connection between Halloween and the black cat is well known. It won’t be wrong to say that the black felines are a victim of superstition. According to mythology, they represent bad luck and spookiness. This is the reason that makes this day of Halloween a nightmare for them. Myths like it’s a bad luck for a black feline to cross your path, they bring death and never turn you back to them are prevailing in the society for a very long time.


However, with time people have understood the difference between myth and reality.

Take this opportunity this year and contribute your bit in breaking the myth. The black felines are as innocent as any other color or breed of kitties. A bit of effort by the kitty lovers can help remove this  superstition completely. Start by adopting a black kitty this year.

The stories of sacrificing black kitties on Halloween makes things more difficult. Make the newly adopted feline a part of the entire event. She can be the guest of honor of the party. It will be even better if you choose the theme of wild kitty. Decorate the place with the things that your feline likes. Cook the food according to her taste and preference.

Cat Costume

Dress your feline in Halloween cat costume. You can find a range of costumes for the feline on the brand store of In case, the feline feels uneasy in clothes then you can make her wear a cat lion hat. Even you can wear the cat t-shirt or dress. The look of a cat lady will be unique, trendy and will perfectly serve your purpose.

Breaking the myth is important, but the safety of a pet is important. Keep the kitty indoors and away from the trick-or-treaters. Take a bit of precaution and make the day special of the feline. Happy Halloween!!


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