How To Keep Your Black Cat Safe During Halloween?

Halloween is undoubtedly the spookiest night of the year. It sometimes becomes scary, especially for the animals, who don’t know the significance of the day. They just get scared of the unusual dresses and make ups. What adds to the trouble is the myths that the day accompanies with itself. The saying that adopting black cats is dangerous and that they are evil makes it a very tough day for the kitties.

The old rumor that talks about legions of devil worshipers that sacrifice and torture black felines, makes the day difficult for the cat owners. However, instead of making the day even more stressful for the kitty by locking her in a room, you can make it fun for her. Even though protecting her is important, making her a part of the celebration is equally essential.

Cat costumes for Halloween | Meowingtons

Halloween cat costumes for the feline is a good idea only if your feline is okay with it. If you dress her, she will get the feeling that something special is going on. This might help her in adjusting to the situation. Some of the kitties don’t like wearing a costume as it restricts their motion.  So, buy something that is comfortable and leaves maximum part of the body uncovered. A cat lion hat is a good option. It will only cover the head, giving her the much-wanted comfort as well as fierce look.

If you are throwing  a party on that day, then, keep the theme that is not very scary of the feline. You can’t control the looks of the guest but at least keep your look subtle. Dress in such a way that it serves the purpose the Halloween and the feline is not upset. The decoration of the venue should be interesting both the cat as well as for the guest. You can use spider web, bats and thing of this sort for the decoration.


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