Why Is It Important For Cats To Wear Collars?

I realized the importance of cat collars very recently. One evening my kitty went out for a walk and lost her path. It took me around two hours to find her. It was then that someone suggested me to put the collar on her. I searched on internet and bought the Polka dot cat collars for my kitty, from meowingtons.com.

Polka Dot Bow Tie Collar | Meowingtons

Here are some of the points that according to me makes collars a must have for every domestic kitty.

1.Differentiates from stray cat
Kitties have a habit of wandering outside the home like a free bird. You can’t restrict them, they will go out whenever they get an opportunity. A collar in their neck will differentiate them from the stray kitties. The collar prevents her from being mistaken as a stray cat.

2.Identity tag
It can even act as an identity tag for the kitties. Cats have the ability to find their way back home. However, in some cases they even get lost. You can attach a tag with the address and phone number, to the collar. This will be helpful in finding her.

3.Silver bells
The polka dot collar has a silver bell attached to it. The bell can prevent the kitty from hunting, otherwise there is no way to stop her. She will keep hunting as long as she finds a prey. The best way to get rid of this habit is to scare away the prey. The bells perfectly serve this purpose for you.

4.An add-on to cuteness
The white and red collars along with the trendy pattern of polka dots can add to the cuteness of your feline. The collar looks so trendy that your feline will readily get ready to wear it.

The Polka dot cat collars are crafted in nylon and have a secure clamp. This makes it a comfortable and stylish collar option for you kitty. Unlike the elastic collars, it causes no irritation, thus, allowing the kitty to put them on for longer period of time.

Ever since that incident happened, I suggest everyone to inculcate the habit of wearing  cat collars in their kitties.


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