Propose a Toast to Your Feline

It might sound weird but the innovative kitty lovers have come up with another unique and brilliant idea for the love for their cats. As if, the cat food, apparel and accessories were not enough, they have now introduced wine for cats. Now, you need not drink alone. You can have the best companion to share a drink with you in the evening.

The birthday of my kitty is just around the corner and I was planning to get a unique gift for her. Thanks to a Japanese company called B&H Lifes, they have came up with a unique idea of cat wine. These wines have got no alcohol content. It is more like a fruit beer for kids. This wine can be considered as a juice for the kitties. It is named, “Nyan Nyan Nouveau”, after a Japanese word ‘Nyan Nyan’ which means the ‘meow of cats’.

I’m sure the beverage will prove best gift for events like her upcoming birthday, Christmas and all. The drink is made of organic beets and catnip that tastes like red wine. The wine has got vitamin C and is a healthy option to treat your feline differently.

Wine for Cats

Don’t get drunk from now on, get ‘kitty high’ with these cat wine, like I am planning to do. The couch and a glass of wine is all that you need to pamper your kitty. Even though, I am not sure whether she will like the taste of wine or not, I am pretty excited to share a drink with her.

The best part of the cat wine is that they are available at a very reasonable prices. I am planning to dress her in cat apparel and propose a toast to her. There is nothing as fun and exciting as sharing a glass of drink with your best friend.


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