9 Examples to Prove That Cats are Wiser than Humans

If humans think that they are better than cats, then they are wrong. Cats are much more intelligent than humans. This video is an evidence for the same. We humans use hundreds and thousands of word, yet sometimes fail to express our feeling, felines express themselves purr-fectly in just two words, ‘meow meow’.

1.  When most of us used to refuse having milk as kids and even when we did, we had to take someone’s help. This kitty is having her milk so effortlessly and that too on her own will bring a smile on your face for sure.


2.  Humans might get confused in recognizing the person on the other side of the mirror, but this cat has recognized her rival purr-fectly and is giving him a tough competition in the game of hide and seek.


3.  It’s clearly visible in the video that even the ancestors of humans i.e. monkey, have admitted the fact that cats are superior to us.


4.  Don’t get confused by the kitty trying to catch the bird form TV. She is actually brushing up her skills. She is practicing her moves So that, next time she finds a bird in the lawn, she is fit enough to catch her.


5.   It’s now time to see the technical skills of the feline. She has just checked whether the printer is working purr-fectly or not and whether it has printed the correct thing or not.


6.  Not only in intelligence, the kitties have surpassed us in style and fashion as well. If you don’t agree, then check out this kitty sporting these cool glasses. Her style can give complex to anyone around. It’s time you take some fashion tip from your pet, the next time you need to attend a party.


7.  Felines have mastered the skill of relaxing here. We need to learn the skill of “how to chill?” from them. In fact, kitties are far better “couch potato” than humans. It was them who invented sleeping in awkward positions that the humans are following till date.


8. “Wasting water is a crime”. Humans need to learn from kitties that water is precious and we need to save it as much as possible. It’s only this fact that irritate kitties, otherwise they love to bathe.


9.  And who says, “cats and dogs can never be friends”? It’s only that they are most of the time busy fighting, that people fail to see their friendship. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to kitties. No matter how big the dog is and how small the kitty is, she will always have a upper hand.


For no CATastrophe to happen and for you to lead a happy and purr-fect life, you need to follow your kitten. How does it matter if she is your pet and you are not? She has proved it time and again that she is better than you.


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