7 Ways to Get Ready in Cat Themed T-Shirts

Getting dressed up in cat theme is the one of the obsessions of cat lovers. However, not always can you afford to wear flashy cat themed dresses or accessories. After reading this article you can come up with some really innovative, yet elegant and simple fashion trends. And for those who don’t want to spend time and energy in these innovations, fortunately meowingtons.com offers a series of elegant yet funky t-shirts for the cat lovers. So, here are few ways for you to get dressed up decently in cat themed t-shirts.

1. Feline crop cat tops, available at Meowingtons with cat quotes are very much in fashion. These sleeveless tops are perfect fit for women sized 0 to 6. Wear it with your black denims and black jacket and this funky look of yours is sure to make a style statement with elegance at the disco.

Feline crop cat tops | Meowingtons

2. Paws top paw-misses you that you will paw-sitively make a mark with your funky style. These lightweight, sleeveless cat t-shirts are best for summers. You can match it with your denims and pair of canvas shoes. It’s breathable material assures you all the comfort i the scotching heat of summers.

PAWS Tank Top | Meowingtons

3. Take your feline friend along with you even at your work place, with creeper cat tee. This simple t-shirt features a mischievous cat at the side. You can wear your cat tee with jeans as well as sports wear.

Creeper Cat Tee | Meowingtons

4. A tight fit, white simple t-shirt with cute cat faces printed on them will surely give you the catty edge over all cat lovers around. Tuck this cat t-shirt into your high-waist denim shorts and get a unique and casual look.

5. For adding some fun in life, you can always get some funny cat quotes printed on your favorite color t-shirt. As a cat person, to wear a t-shirt with quotes like ”I don’t do mornings…” can really be fun and attention grabbing. Choose the favorite color for your t-shirt and get the funniest cat quotation printed on it. Your friends won’t stop laughing.

6. Meowingtons.com even offer cat t-shirts for Harry Potter fans. The face of cute cat inside the deathly hallows is too adorable to avoid. This stretchable cat t-shirt is a perfect everyday outfit for summers and provides a balance between style and cuteness.

Deathly Hallows Cat Tee | Meowingtons

In case you don’t have any cat themed t-shirt and you need them urgently, then you need not worry. Just take your white color cotton t-shirt and get your favorite cat printed on it, this way you can include your cat in every selfie you take. With this t-shirt you can match your blue denims or black capri or denim shorts, it perfectly goes with all. This comfortable look is perfect when you need to look elegant.

Now, satisfy your feline obsession, choose your collection of summer outfit or invent one for yourself. Make sure to make a style statement with your simplicity and have a catty edge over all the cat lovers around.


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