Time to Show Kitten Love with Eye Appealing Cat Purses

Fashion that is designed to make you feel good is here. The cat purses which are introduced at the meowingtons.com are one of its kinds. You can choose among a variety of totes, handbags, coin purses depending upon your needs. Designed by Laurel and Burch, these products bring you the liveliness of art and lifestyle combo. The richness in the finishing of the hem of the tote or handbags will leave you in amazement about the handcrafted work done at meowingtons.com. The varieties of product from meow store are listed below along with the description:

1. Tote bag

A tote bag, meaning teenage bag is one that is sought after by many teenagers. The shape and size of the bag is an advantage to keep all the stuff right in place and at the same time, it looks pretty. It comes in a variety of different colors, shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, embellishments, embroidery, hand-painted and so on. These bags are made up of hard canvas which is basically dyed to resist moisture that helps to keep the bag to be stiff and firm. The jute is the traditional material which is used for these bags. The site offers many artistically drawn cats on the bags and he finishing is at par. Tote bags are can be swung purpose bag which is popular among girls. The size of bag varies on the shape of it. These bags can have dedicated compartments for mobile phones, wallets and books.

Beau and Moe Cat Tote

2. Handbags

Handbags are designed as a fashion accessory and also to keep personal items. Here at meowingtons.com, one can get cross body bags designed by Laurel and Burch. One can flaunt these handbags with varied colors like cream, blue, black and golden with an orange outline. Woven with beads and embellishments the bag gives you a stylish look on the go. You can match it with a variety of dresses and casuals.


3. Clutch

A clutch is a detachable handy accessory used to keep simple things like credit cards, driver’s license and some money. The meowingtons.com offers you simple yet elegant clutches which are designed by Laurel and Burch cats. Theses cats are often found to have a friendly look on their face and also that they are with kittens. It gives a sense of pleasure to see them quietly strewn on the canvas. These come with a detachable string which can be used to strap on the shoulder or can be kept in the clutch. Clutches are common when going for a party; they are combined with pretty dresses.

The store offers different patterns of the clutch with color tones like blue, turquoise and richly golden. They offer canvas designed with polka dots, zigzag patterns of black and white along with bells attached to it. These clutches have flaps which look more beautiful.

4. Coin purses

The use of the Purse dates back to 15th century where most of the trade was done in terms of coins. Varied designs can be found online but there are very few who offer those in cat designs. Here at meowingtons.com has cat purses designed beautifully by Laurel and Burch. These cat purses offer the easy way to keep your coins in your handbag or clutch.

Daisy Cat Coin Purse

5. Backpacks

A must have in students life; but what if one gets that in cooler tones of blue and white which will enhance the look? The meowingtons.com gives you just that; a beautifully designed backpack which has warm earth tones and black accents. It has a draw string which can be pulled to close the backpack. They are stylish and fun to carry at colleges, classes or on casual wear.


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